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How to Connect With Current Employees to Learn About the Company's Culture?


How to Connect With Current Employees to Learn About the Company's Culture

Company culture refers to the combination of values, goals, ethics, and expectations that govern employee behaviors within an organization. A well-defined company culture can foster success while toxic cultures can hinder it - so C-suite executives need to have an in-depth knowledge and ability to convey this culture throughout their organizations to employees so that everyone stays on the same page.

One of the best ways to gain insight into any company's culture is through speaking to current and former employees. LinkedIn can be an excellent way of connecting with these employees; Glassdoor also provides excellent reviews from employees about an organization - though be wary that one person's experiences may not represent all employees at that company; always read multiple reviews before making your decision.

Learn about a company's culture by reviewing their marketing materials and visiting their website. Companies often highlight their company culture in the "Careers" section or external profile pages like RippleMatch's Discover Companies page; any elements highlighted as part of this culture are likely an accurate reflection of reality for that organization - if for example they describe themselves as having a collaborative, open culture, then this should translate well to their workplace environment.

One effective way of understanding a company's culture is through studying its leadership team's actions and words. Leaders act as a direct reflection of culture; therefore it's essential that they live it. Sometimes this means communicating via formal methods like presentations and memos, while more subtly it may mean communicating it through how they behave in the office and interact with employees.

A company's culture can also be revealed through how it celebrates events and milestones, from big milestones like Christmas or Valentine's Day, to individual or team achievements being recognized at events or celebrations. Celebrations provide an excellent way to bring people together and demonstrate the company values while simultaneously honoring those responsible with recognition of accomplishments or acknowledgement of individual or team achievement.

Not only should companies celebrate successes, but they should also foster learning opportunities that align with the company values. One method for doing this is spaced repetition - an effective learning and retention method. Spaced repetition refers to the practice of sending questions at regular intervals to learners based on their level of comprehension and mastery of a subject matter. The frequency of these queries will depend on their progress towards understanding or mastery. EdApp's Brain Boost feature is an effective way to introduce spaced repetition, and can create quizzes based on learners' content choices and deliver them at regular intervals to reinforce your company culture and ensure information retention over time.

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